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Relocating to Kongsberg? Welcome!

Welcome to Kongsberg!
So, you’re thinking of relocating to Kongsberg. Or perhaps you have already made the move, and are well on the way of adjusting to a new life in Norway. That’s fantastic! It’s great to have you here in our spectacular corner of the world. We think this is singularly the very best place in the whole world to live in, but perhaps we’re biased!

On this page we’ve summarized some practical tips, information and links to great websites to help you prepare for “the big move”. Firstly, let’s have a look at what Kongsberg has to offer:

A bit of background:

Kongsberg is a town and municipality in Buskerud County, situated in the South-Eastern part of Norway. The town was founded in 1624 to facilitate the extraction of silver from deep within the surrounding mountains. The silver mining industry paved the way for Kongsberg to become a center of advanced technological development and innovation in numerous fields. The main industries in Kongsberg today are Oil and Gas technology, defence systems, aerospace, maritime positioning, automotive and much, much more.

The town today houses approximately 27,000 people and has the highest density of engineers in all of Norway. Norway has three official languages and the official language used in Kongsberg is Norwegian Bokmål. You will find that almost all Norwegians are proficient in English and are happy to communicate with you in it. It is important to stress, however, that learning Norwegian is one of the main obstacles in finding work in Norway. It is therefore of importance that you and your family make strategic choices on this front when relocating:

Learning Norwegian

In most cases, the cost of Norwegian classes is not covered by the government so this expense will be your own responsibility. The best approach is to research the various options in advance and budget accordingly. If possible, it is also advisable to start the learning process before relocating. We have listed some examples below:

Free online courses:
NTNU free online course
Course providers in Kongsberg (paid):
Norwegian Development Institute
Folkeuniversitetet Kongsberg

For information about prices and courses, contact the course providers.

Working and finding work in Norway

A few useful need-to-knows:
• Normal office working hours in Norway are Monday to Friday from 8am-4pm, with 30 minutes lunch break.
• Dress code in the office environment does vary, but mostly “smart casual” is the norm. Formal suits are not seen as often.
• Working conditions in Norway are among the best in the world. More information can be found here: www.arbeidstilsynet.no/c26840/artikkel/vis.html?tid=29289
• Salaries are known for being high too here in Norway, but please be aware that so is cost of living.
o Rough indication of salary in Norway: www.ssb.no/en/arbeid-og-lonn?de=Earnings+
o “Standard budget 2011” report produced by National Institute of Consumer Research gives a good indication of cost-of-living in Norway. The PDF can be downloaded (in English) here: http://sifo.no/files/standardbudsjett2011-eng-print.pdf
• Great tips on finding work in Norway can be found here: www.nav.no/NAV+EURES+work+and+recruit+in+Norway
• «Working in Norway» www.nav.no/workinnorway is the official website intended for foreign workers in Norway. It touches on many subjects that will be relevant for you.

Job adverts

The most popular website for job adverts in Kongsberg:
NAV.noGo to vacancies in Kongsberg
FINN.noGo to vacancies in Kongsberg
Yellow pagesGo to search results for recruitment and temping agencies

Please note that estimated 50% of all positions are not advertised anywhere else then on company websites, so make sure that you visit companies’ websites on a regular basis. You can find lists on companies registered in different sectors on www.nortrade.com.

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General info

• “New in Norway” is a fantastic website that covers many topics that are relevant for newcomers: www.nyinorge.no/en.
www.kongsberg.no is a great website both for getting to know the town and to keep up with current social activities and current events. We advise checking this website regularly, and adding “Kongsberg.no” group to your facebook profile to receive info and updates.
• Cost of living in Norway. “Standard budget 2011” report produced by National Institute of Consumer Research gives a good indication of cost-of-living in Norway. The PDF can be downloaded (in English) here: http://sifo.no/files/standardbudsjett2011-eng-print.pdf
Kongsberg Municipality pages – information in English.

Do you have special qualifications?
• Certain professions require appropriate authorization. You can check if your profession requires authorization and read more about how to obtain this here: www.nokut.no/en/Students-and-job-applicants/Regulated-professions-in-Norway/List-of-professions.
• To best increase your possibilities of gaining employment, we recommend that you get your education authorized by NOKUT and note this on your CV. You can read more about NOKUT by visiting www.nokut.no.
• If you are a Health professional, your education has to be approved by The Norwegian Authority for Health Personnel. Please visit www.sak.no . Health professionals do not gain employment without this authorization.


We hope you find this information useful, and we wish you the very best of luck with your new start in Kongsberg. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if your company would like to know more about the support we provide in the area of international recruitment/employment: go to contact us page.