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INN® – Center for Global Talents

INN® – International Network of Norway Kongsberg, is part of Kongsberg Chamber of Commerce. We offer tailor made relocation programs to support new employees and assignees from all over the world to make their transition to Norway as smooth as possible.

INN Kongsberg have been supporting companies who recruit internationally since 2008, and have gained extensive competence within the relocation field during this time. With our knowledge and experience, we personally assist each international employee and accompanying family through the necessary steps required for their new start in Norway. Both through the bureaucratic procedures and also the practicalities of settling into a new location.

Your company will have the benefit of recruiting employees who feel valued and appreciated, and who quickly become settled in and productive in the work environment. A happy employee is a productive employee, and is also more likely to remain satisfied and loyal.

Our services are aimed to benefit companies through the whole process. Improving company attractiveness as an international employer, assisting new employees/assignees and their family through the  relocation phase, and to improve employee retention through facilitating a happy transition and good integration into Norwegian culture and society.

We are prepared to be of your assistance at any time, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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INN Norway – a nationwide service provider

The Chambers of Commerce throughout Norway are continuously working to support the growth and development of businesses in their respective regions.
Since its start in Oslo in 2005, INN has been continuously expanding and is now present in the following Norwegian cities:


The Bergen region is the second most prominent business area in Norway, with its wide variety of industries and services.
INN Bergen aim is to ensure the region maintains and further develops its reputation as a dynamic region for attracting international expertise.

 2006-stortinget1 Oslo
The growing need for foreign expertise was the driving force for establishing the International Network of Norway – INN.
With the support of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce the relocation center was launched in 2005 and it was an immediate success!

One of the fastest growing work regions in Norway


Under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, INN Stavanger assists new employees and their families settling in the region.


Trondheim, Mid-Norway’s biggest city, is the site to several world-leading centers of excellence and is known as the technology capital of Norway.


Ålesund is a bustling town situated between mountains and ocean. It is Norway’s fisheries capital, and one of the world’s largest export harbours.